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Rechargeable, high quality torches with detachable magnetic heads.

Narva has launched its ‘Advanced Lighting Systems’ (ALS) Head Torch range, featuring powerful COB LEDs and rechargeable lithium batteries.

The 71424 model’s single LED outputs 120 lumens and is said to have 2.5 hours operating time, or up to five hours if the unit is used at 50 per cent output (60 lumens).

This head torch’s 3.7V 800mAh Li-poly battery can be recharged in between 2-3 hours via a USB lead or 240V adaptor, both of which are included in the purchase price.

Other benefits of the 71424 torch include a 120 degree beam angle and light weight of only 163g.

The 71426 variant has two COB LEDs that provide 250 lumens output in a 120-degree angle flood beam. It also includes a spotlight with 150 lumens and 60 metres of beam length.The third mode is an arc beam from another COB LED, providing 120 lumens.

Depending on the beam selected, the 200-gram 71426 is said to provide between 2.5 and three hours of continuous use, with the 3.8V 1600mAh Li-poly battery
taking between two to three hours to recharge via a USB lead or 240V adaptor from empty.

For added convenience, the 71426 is equipped with a motion-activated sensor, allowing the user to turn the head torch on without using the buttons – simply
by placing a hand in front of the light.

Both ALS head torches are magnetised, so the torch heads can be removed from their head straps and attached to any ferrous-metal surface.

The housings have impact-resistant construction that’s rated to IP65 for dust and water ingress resistance and the head straps are fully adjustable and hard wearing.

Glow-in-the-dark locators also allow both torches to be found in diminished light.

Narva’s new ALS Rechargeable L.E.D Head Torches can be purchased from leading automotive, transport and adventure stores nationwide and are backed by a
two-year LED warranty. Prices are approximately $90 for the 120 lumen model and $140 for the 250.

Check out the ALS models against some competitors.





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