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Easy to pack and dimmable tent lighting

LightForce is best known for its hunting lights and driving lights, but the South Australian company has strip lighting to brighten up a campsite.

This versatile LED light is made up from 72 high intensity SMD5730 LEDs, with a 4000k natural white light output.

The light strip measures 1.2 metres in length and comes with five metres of power cable that can be used in cigarette lighter sockets with voltage output between nine and 13 volts. The on-off switch is also a touch-sensitive dimmer switch, allowing output to be varied from brilliant to subtle.

The LED strip is mounted on canvas backing that has velcro loops to clamp it to tent or awning spreader bars.Two adjustable straps with hooks at both ends of the light allow it to be clipped to tent or awning poles or eyelets, or to vehicle fittings.

The variable power controller and LED strip have an IP65 waterproof rating so an overnight shower or heavy dew won’t affect its integrity.

We’ve been testing the LightForce strip light on bush trips for the past three months and it’s now a permanent item in our light bag.

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