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Not cheap, but one of the best head torches we've used

We’ve been evaluating Hella’s I-View head torch for the past three years. It’s one of the best units we’ve tested for camp use and for illuminating vehicle repairs.

At around 100 bucks the I-View is right up there in price with the professional units and so it should be. For a start, it has two levels of LED light output – 160 lumens and 80lm – and both beams are very wide angle: much wider than most head torches, so there’s no need to keep moving your head to brighten up the scene.

Unlike nearly all head torches it doesn’t need batteries, because it charges from 12V or 240V power, via a USB cable. The design is smooth, so it doesn’t catch on tent ropes or under 4WD-body bits and pieces. The housing and strap are also resistant to oil, fuels and chemicals.

There’s a membrane on/off switch on the right hand end and a similar ‘sensor’ switch on the left hand end. You use the on/off switch to turn the light on and to select beam power. If the sensor switch is selected the light can be turned on and off by simply waving a hand in front of it.

I-View comes with a foam head pad and a broad, adjustable elastic strap that allows it fit directly onto your head, or onto a hat or cap. Because it’s showerproof I-View is safe to wear in the rain, should you have to pack up camp in the middle of a storm.

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