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Three levels of electrical system management.


Enerdrive has developed power solutions for utes, with varying capabilities, from basic system to a full on power station. The three models are Explorer, Traveller and Adventurer.


The Explorer package consists of a ePower DC2DC40+ vehicle plus solar charger; one ePro Plus battery monitor; four pre-wired circuit breakers for mains power equipment; four Conture switches for lights and auxiliary loads; pre-wired Battery and fridge Anderson plugs; a choice of twin USB 2.4A high-amp sockets or 12V output socket and a battery reset button to allow jump-starting a flat starting battery from the DC2DC charger.

The Traveller package adds 240v charging, by including an Enerdrive ePower 40A AC charger; Simarine LCD battery WiFi monitoring system with optional individual load/charge information and water/fuel tank level info, or optional ePro Plus battery monitor in lieu of the Simarine unit.


The Adventurer package adds 230v inverter power by including: a ePower 2000W AC transfer inverter; four additional circuit breakers for air and water pumps, and other items, plus main system and HiAmp circuit breakers.

All three systems are pre-wired by Enerdrive where possible, reducing custom cabling to only load outputs, battery connections and vehicle, solar and tank inputs. They’re suitable for wet sealed, gel and lithium batteries.

The compact box packaging is designed for easy mounting on front or rear canopy bulkheads and can be fitted to the driver’s or passenger’s sides.

Enerdrive also offers an extra-cost service to engrave switches and circuit breakers to suit individual installations.

The downside of the Enerdrive kits is the fact that the company just didn’t reply to our emails. We tried to buy an evaluation unit, but after five emails we gave up.

We’d hate to think what would happen if we owned a unit and needed after-sales support.





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