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Inverters convert 12V DC to 240V AC output

Dometic has released the SinePower MSI 412 pure sine wave inverter, with a power rating of 350 watts.

The MSI 412 converts 12V battery power into 230V AC voltage and additionally, rechargeable devices with USB interface can be charged via a 5V/2A USB port.

Weighing 800 grams, the light weight and compact construction (199mm x 49mm x 124mm) of the MSI 412 allows for easy installation in RVs, mobile homes, commercial vehicles and boats.

A feature of the MSI 412 pure sine inverter is a high peak output rating of 700 watts, allowing it to power devices that have a high start-up current.

Safety mechanisms ensure that the unit will shut down if it experiences over-voltage, under-voltage, excess temperature or if a short circuit occurs.

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