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A 180-watt panel with inbuilt charger in a carry bag

Dometic’s PS180A portable solar panel provides a source of power for charging batteries and other 12 volt items.

The Dometic PS180A features top-shelf mono-crystalline panels that are more efficient in converting sunlight to usable energy and have a longer lifespan than cheaper panels.

Battery charge is kept at the optimum level thanks to a heavy duty, three-stage, automatic solar charger. The 20amp-rated charger switches between battery and solar power as necessary.

The Dometic PS180A features a battery temperature sensor that allows the battery to be charged safely, removing the risk of overcharging.

The solar panel frame is aluminium and the Dometic PS180A has three adjustable feet that allow the panels to be directed at the optimal angle to the sun. The Dometic PS180A can be easily folded, packed up and stored inside the included protective carry bag. It comes with a five-metre lead, alligator clips
and an Anderson plug. The kit weighs 17kg.

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