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It's important to know the difference before you buy.


Broadly, there are two different types of inverters available – modified sine wave and pure sine wave – and depending on the task, one style is better suited than the other.


The major difference between modified and pure wave inverters is how closely they replicate 220-240V mains power. Mains power is consistent and clean with minimal fluctuation, making it suitable for all household appliances and sensitive equipment, without the risk of damage. A pure sine wave inverter closely replicates the power output of mains electricity.

For powering delicate electronic devices, a pure sine wave inverter is the better choice. The process and technology used in a pure sine wave inverter to create the smooth, consistent power waves is more complex, so these types of inverters are more expensive than their modified sine wave counterparts.

This clean power delivery results in a TV picture without static; clear AM radio;  gaming console capability and reliable fluorescent light operation. This quality may not be available using a modified sine wave inverter. 

Power from a modified wave inverter is typically delivered in ‘choppy’, squared-off waves, so smooth continuity is lacking. However, if you want to power tools, recharge batteries or power low-tech household devices fridge, toaster  kettle – a modified wave inverter will do the job well.


The Projecta inverter range

Projecta offers a choice of six modified sine wave Inverters with outputs to suit a range of applications. They feature a 5V DC 2.1A USB socket for powering or charging small devices such as phones, tablets, cameras, power banks and toys. Noise-free EMC filtering and large capacitors give smoother power delivery, to reduce screen and sound interference in appliances.

These inverters offer protection against AC power overload and low battery. Designed with robust mounting points for ease of installation, the modified sine wave range features AS/NZS approved mains sockets designed to Australian standard AS4763 and have a full, internally bonded earth system.

The Pro-Wave Inverter range have pure sine wave technology that closely replicates mains power, offering clean, reliable and safe output. Five variants are available, with options that are able to power sensitive and energy-hungry devices, including IT equipment, gaming consoles and larger fridges. Top-rated models are capable of running a hair dryer, toaster or coffee machine.

A key feature of this range is its ability to provide 200-percent startup power for one second, providing enough ‘kick’ to switch on many common appliances that require more power to start than they do to run. 

Additionally, the Pro-Wave range offers superior noise filtering – as a result of producing ultra clean power the Pro-Wave range prevents any electrical noise/static from being produced when running sensitive appliances.

The Intelli-Wave range is the pinnacle of Projecta’s inverter offerings. Engineered with the professional user in mind, these reliable pure sine wave inverters have been designed to handle the rigours of industrial, trade, OE fitment and RV applications.

Along with producing ultra-clean power, the Intelli-Wave models feature class-leading startup power. This means the inverters can run at 200 percent of their rated capacity for three seconds, to turn on power tools, pumps and air conditioners. Importantly, they can produce 140 percent of their rated capacity for three minutes.

IP1500 models and larger feature an inbuilt RCD safety switch, meaning quicker installation. IP2000 and IP3000 variants are also equipped with an ECO mode, that draws 100 times less power when the inverter is switched on but not in use, giving more time to switch it off before it flattens the battery.

For extra convenience and ease of use, all models come with a wired remote-control display.

For further details of Projecta’s comprehensive power inverter range including full specifications and selection guide, visit: www.projecta.com.au/pages/inverters





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