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When a circuit fails you need the correct fuse to restore power

Your 4WD came with a few spare fuses, but they won’t suit a lot of the after-market and camping gear you’re carrying. Battery chargers, power supplies, caravans, camper trailers and generators have a variety of fuses, from glass-tube types to blades.


Carrying the right fuse is made easier by Narva’s new Master Fuse Assortment, providing users with a wide range of the most popular fuses in a convenient PVC container.

It holds a selection of the more popular glass-tube fuses, along with all blade fuses – ‘ATS’, ‘Mini’, ‘Micro’ and ‘Maxi’ that are now the most widely used in modern vehicles.

There are different fuse amperages, so that there’s likely to be a fuse available for a repair job.

For ease of use, the inside lid of the assortment case features a content guide where all the included fuses are pictured and clearly identified. Also helping removal and installation of the fuses are two Micro and Mini blade fuse puller tools.

Narva’s new Master Fuse Assortment is available from leading automotive, four wheel drive and marine outlets nationwide.





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