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A plug and play camp light kit takes the work out of installation

 We used Korr’s camp light kits and found them a very easy way of brightening up our camper, campsite and even the engine bay.

korr camp light kitIf you’re tenting or swagging, you need some form of camp lighting.  Even in campers that come with inbuilt LED lighting, there’s always somewhere that can do with a little more light at times. Enter the Korr kit system.

The basis of our test was the Korr four-bar camp light kit that came with magnetic-backed bright-LED strips that had a build-date incorporated, so there shouldn’t be an argument over a warranty date issue. The kit came in a sturdy aluminium box that also held cables with on-off switches, incorporating dimmers and night lights; cables with screw-in connectors; cables with splitters and a cable with a connector and a 12-volt plug. There were also plenty of Velcro strips and ties, plus a bag of zip-ties.

korr camp light kitThe narrow, magnetic-backed light strips proved to be a natural fit on galvo-steel tent and awning poles and spreader bars. Once we’d selected the correct cables from the kit, to suit our awning dimensions, the four light bars clicked into place on the poles and spreader, giving brilliant light beyond the reach of our camper-mounted LEDs.

We powered the four bar assembly from a small power pack, but could just as easily have plugged them into a vehicle or camper socket.

korr camp light kitHappy with the four-bar kit, we expanded the Korr system by picking up a small bar, to illuminate the engine bay.

Yes, we have a trouble-light, but it’s not as convenient as having a narrow LED strip magnetically attached to the bonnet prop. When we need under-bonnet lighting we simply screw connect the LED strip cable to one that’s attached to the LandCruiser’s engine-bay power box.

korr camp light kitWe also had a need for lighting under our camper’s lift-up bed, so we picked up another Korr kit with two LED-strips and cables with connectors, to brighten our clothing bins.

korr head torch

The finishing touch was a Korr head torch, with tilt and zoom functions.










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