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Best known for its driving lights, Big Red Gear has two camp light models.

Big Red Gear’s rechargeable LED camp light models are Mini Camp Light and Head Torch, both with high-powered COB LED bright white light.


The Mini Camp Light offers four different modes: flood light full power; flood light normal; flood light eco and spotlight.

The Mini Camp Light delivers 700 Lumens in full power mode and is capable of this output for 2.5 hours. Run time increases to 4.5 hours in normal mode and up to 10 hours in eco mode. When used in spotlight mode, charge will last for 4 hours. Recharging time for this model is 4.5 hours via the included USB charging cable.

The Mini Camp Light also features a swivel bracket with 180 degrees of adjustability, as well as a magnet that allows it to be placed on the side of a vehicle or camper. Another convenient inclusion is an LED charge level indicator for easy battery-life monitoring.    


The Big Red Gear Head Torch has three modes: normal, full power and hands-free sensor mode.

Full power mode provides 300 Lumens of output for two hours, eco mode reduces output to 100 lumens but extends operating time to six hours and sensor mode provides two hours of light. Charging time for the Head Torch via the supplied USB cable is 2.5 hours.

Both products are available for purchase from the www.bigredgear.com.au website for $59.00 and $49.00 respectively, with shipping included. Both lights are also backed by a three-year warranty.





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