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Occasionally, a product arrives and makes you wonder why someone didn’t invent it before. Anyone who’s had to top up a fuel tank knows how awkward and dangerous an operation that can be.



When we saw the press release for SureCan we understood how significant a product this is. For many years we’ve wrestled with jerry cans, funnels and hoses, topping up fuel tanks in vehicles, tractors, generators and chainsaws. 

Juggling a dusty, fuel-smeared jerry can – steel or plastic – is a messy business, especially if you’re on your own and need to lift the can, tilt it without spilling excess and try to hold a funnel in place in a fuel tank neck. It’s a literal pain, to say nothing of the risk of spilt fuel igniting.

SureCan offers a new, unique way to refuel machinery and equipment. Rather than filling and emptying a fuel can from the top, every SureCan has two openings, one at the top for filling and one at the bottom for dispensing fuel.


“SureCan is part of the next generation of fuel cans that reduce manual handling, prioritising safety when you re-fuel power equipment,” said Matthew Tojic, category manager at Mayo Hardware.

“By dispensing fuel from the bottom of the container, you do not have to raise the container higher than needed,” said Tojic. 

“This prevents awkward lifting and tipping of the fuel container to dispense fuel.”

SureCan’s pouring spout can be positioned down into the tank to be filled, eliminating any spillage risk.

SureCan’s safety trigger release system provides constant control over the flow of fuel and allows for a smooth flow during the dispensing process. 

Venting underneath the handle is designed to eliminate the air-locking and surging of fuel which can occur with other cans. This vent also allows fuel vapour to escape from the top of the can, at a point furthest away from a hot engine, which reduces the risk of vapour ignition.

Available in eight-litre and 19-litre versions for both petrol and diesel, SureCan is said to meet certification requirements, including ASNZS 2906-2001 in Australia and New Zealand, and DOT, OSHA, UN and CARB internationally.

SureCan is available through Blackwoods and we’ve requested a test SureCan, to put it through it paces.





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