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Do you know the rules?

Before you start filling your food containers for your next trip, you should be aware of what you can and cannot take across State borders and into special exclusion zones.

State and Quarantine Borders Each State and Territory in Australia has strict quarantine laws in place; to protect our agricultural industries from pests and diseases found in fruit and vegetables, honey and plant material. If you’re planning to travel interstate, into or through fruit fly exclusion zones, take a look at the Quarantine Domestic website  ideally, before you shop.

Printable lists are available on the site which spell out what you can and can’t take into each State, Territory and exclusion zone. It’s a good idea to print off the lists that apply to your travel route; refer to them when you’re shopping and avoid the purchase of banned items that you’ll have to surrender (or eat) as you approach borders, checking stations or exclusion zones. Checking station staff will ask you to open up your food storage areas and fridges for inspection.

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