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Hot water without storage volume saves space and weight.

Truma has developed new-generation instant propane-fuelled water heaters that do not need a storage tank.

Because the AquaGo does not use a storage tank it is claimed to be more economical, as it does not have a cycle between cold to hot, which also means it uses less gas, reduces residual heat build-up in the vehicle and saves up to 22 kilograms of water mass and volume.

Within just six seconds the Truma AquaGo™ burner starts heating up, providing instantaneous hot water in a continuous flow.

This water heater features a microprocessor-controlled, stepless burner that is said to maintain 49°C water temperature.

The burner produces 5.9-17.6kW, depending on water inlet temperature and flow rate, and is said to minimise temperature fluctuations.

Truma engineers have developed a slide-in design for quick, stress-free installation, access and maintenance. A reusable filter cartridge protects the AquaGo from dirt or scale particles in the plumbing system.

Available in white or black door finish and measuring W324 x H324 x D450mm, the AquaGo requires 12V power and weighs in at 15.5kg.













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