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Slide-out safes to secure your valuables when you travel.

We’ve inspected two Hide Away travel safes and found them to be well made and easily portable. They’re not cheap, but what price security?

hide away safe Hide-Away portable safes are manufactured in Melbourne using lightweight, but super-strong, GE Lexan impact-modified polycarbonate. If you doubt that a ‘plastic’ safe can be strong enough to resist tampering, note that the products carry appropriate endorsement.

The Australian designed, owned and made Hide Away Safe System was granted ‘SCEC Endorsed’ status for use in the highest most stringent security applications in Australian Commonwealth departments and agencies for the secure storage, transfer and carriage of National Security Classified Material.

Hide Away Safes are portable, easy to carry and install and simply relocate in ‘docking stations’ that can be installed in vehicles, offices or homes.

We checked out two units: one a compact drawer model that could easily install under a vehicle seat and the other, a larger one that could fit inside cupboards or storage units. Both models slid into locking positions under covers that would be bolted to secure foundations, thus leaving only the low-profile front plates exposed. Both units locked with unusual keys in barrels that are said to defy lock-picking.

hide away safe For travellers we’d envisage each safe being supplied with two docking stations: one for fitment at home and the other, inside the travel vehicle. That way, the contents could be easily and safely transferred from home to vehicle.

The larger unit can be supplied with a bullet-proof front plate and can also be hand-gun and ammunition-rated for legal transport. It also has a carry handle, allowing it to be used as a secure brief case.

The smaller Mark 2 unit has a RRP of $695 plus freight and the larger Mark 3 one, $995, plus freight.






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