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Compact, but not the easiest to use.

This premium quality Go Anywhere toilet weighs only 3.2kg and folds closed to a brief-case size, complete with carry handle.


Ezygonow supplies the ‘GO Anywhere’ portable toilet. The toilet supports up to 226kg and is a similar height and seat/bowl size as a regular household toilet.

Three fold-out legs make it stable on flat and uneven ground and the lid can be used under the back legs for more stability on soft ground.

However, while the legs click into place easily, they are very difficult to disengage when you want to fold the seat up. Because we’re not space-restricted, we found using the toilet bags in a Thunder Down Under bucket loo much easier.


Ezy GoNow Kit Bags GO Anywhere toilet kits eliminate chemicals and storage tanks, and the need to visit dump stations. No more digging holes either!

Each toilet kit includes a waste collection bag, waste treatment  gelling and deodorising powder, secure puncture-resistant zip-close waste disposal bag, individual toilet paper and hand wipe. The toilet kits can also be used in other portable toilets, in buckets or on the ground.


The procedure is simple:

Take a bag and open it. Note that there’s a scoop of Poo Powder already in the bottom of the bag

Do your “business”, noting that if a Number Two is done, a Number One should be done at the same time, or a little bit of water must be added to the toilet bag, to activate the Poo Powder. (Poo Powder gels liquid waste and encapsulates solid waste when activated by a liquid, and controls odour, while a decay catalyst starts to break down the solid waste.)ezygonow

Ezygonow also supplies the ‘GO Anywhere’ total system that is supplied in a backpack and weighs only 8.2kg. The pack includes a ‘GO Anywhere’ portable toilet, a privacy shelter, 15 toilet kits and a large transport bag for used kits.

We purchased a Go Anywhere toilet years ago, but since then, cheaper, not-so-compact alternatives have become available.


Bags for use with other containers

ezygonowEzygonow also supplies toilet bags that can be used with other types of  portable toilets, or even a bucket!

Cleanwaste Waste Collection Bags are designed for Number Ones and Number Twos. You simply add a scoop of Poo Powder waste treatment powder to a collection bag and it is ready to use. The same bags are featured as part of the Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag packs. Each pack includes 10 waste collection bags.

Cleanwaste Waste Disposal Bags are secure, puncture-resistant, zip-close disposal bags. You tie up your used waste collection bag and put in one of these bags for secure disposal. These bags are also included as part of the GO anywhere toilet kits. Each pack includes 10 waste disposal bags.

ezygonowCleanwaste Toilet In A Bag is a DIY, no frills version, of the GO anywhere toilet kit. Each Toilet in A Bag includes 15 x toilet bags with handles, 15 treatments of Poo Powder waste treatment powder and a scoop.





































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