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Print this list and check off as you pack


So much to be packed, it’s easy to forget things! Sure, you can usually buy again somewhere along the way but why waste the money.

Our travel wardrobe consists mainly of micro-fibre clothing wherever possible. It’s easy to hand wash and rinse in a bucket and it dries very quickly. We only ever need to visit a laundry to give the bed linen a wash.

Start your packing with this list and you’ll be sure to have almost everything you’ll need.


   Jacket – water and wind resistant

□    Polar-fleece jumper

□    Raincoat, rain hat and umbrella

□    Jeans, shorts, track pants or microfibre combi-pants

□    Beanie

□    Sun hat or cap

□    T-shirts and long sleeve shirts 

□    Pyjamas

□    Underwear

□    Socks

□    Neat casual clothing for outings when required

□    Swimmers and extra towel

□    Boots or joggers (sturdy footwear for bushwalking)

□    Sandals, slip-ons  

□    Thongs (flip-flops)


□    Solar shower or 12 volt pump shower

□    Towels 

□    Soap or shower gel

□    Shampoo and conditioner (use dry shampoo for extended trips where water is scarce)

□    Toothbrush and toothpaste

□    Shaver and spare blades

□    Deodorant

□    Brush / comb

□    Mirror

□    Hairdryer (power is not always available, unless you supply it yourself)

□    Cosmetics



□    Folding toilet seat (optional)

□    Small shovel

□    Toilet roll

□    Wet wipes (bag after use, dispose of discretely in the campfire, preferably after the cooking is finished), Please don’t flush or dispose of in dump points as wipes don’t break down)

□    Small plastic bags (biodegradable nappy disposal type)

□    Matches or lighter

□    Waterless hand-wash



□    Prescription medication/s (if required)

□    Non-prescription medication/s

□    Prescription spectacles and spares, contact lenses and cleaning liquid

□    Refillable water bottle

□    LED torch and/or LED headlamp, spare batteries and / or charging cords

□    Sunglasses (and spares)

□    Sun hat

□    Sunscreen

□    Personal insect repellent

□    Camera, storage cards, card reader

□    iPod, tablet or iPad, mobile phone or Mp3 player

□    Laptop computer, mobile internet device (don’t expect to get power and telephone service everywhere)

□    Charging leads for all devices packed in your kit

BOX or PICNIC BAG: (containing)

□    Dinner plates – plastic, melamine or stainless steel

□    Cereal / soup bowls – plastic, melamine or stainless steel

□    Drinking mugs – plastic, melamine or stainless steel 

□    Knives, forks, dessert-spoons, teaspoons

□    Poly-carbonate or plastic drinking and wine cups 

□    Thermos flask (saves boiling the kettle for a second cuppa)

□    Tea, coffee, sugar, sweeteners, long-life milk, coffee whitener, salt and pepper

CAMPING EQUIPMENT: (Suggestions for tent, swag based camping; camper-trailers are usually well equipped, adjust the list to suit your requirements.)

□    Tent, tent poles, guy ropes, pegs, sand pegs or swag 

□    Compact rake 

□    Tent fly or tarp, ropes and pegs in case of wet weather

□    Ground-sheet (use under tent, swag)

□    Plastic bag (storage for dirty, wet or dusty groundsheet)

□    Camp table

□    Camp chairs (lightweight, sturdy, comfortable)

□    LED camp light/s and spare batteries

□    Camp bed and /or quality self-inflating foam mattress (recommended – use plastic-backed picnic-blanket under mattress if directly on tent floor)

□    Sheets, pillow, doona or sleeping bag/s

□    Fridge, cooker, spare fuel and stove stand

□    Cooking equipment – kettle, folding toaster, chopping board, saucepans, frying pan or camp oven and trivet, (lid doubles as frying pan)

□    Cooking utensils – tongs, egg lifter, sharp knife, tin opener, wooden spoon, vegetable peeler, whisk, sharp knives, serving spoons

□    Kitchen extras: paper towel, foil, plastic wrap, resealable plastic bags, small rubbish bags, strong large garbage bags, tablecloth,
paper napkins, waterless hand-wash, fire-lighter, dust-pan and brush, broom

□    Washing-up kit: washing-up basin, dish drainer, washing-up liquid, dish-cloths, scourers, tea towels

□    Laundry kit: small washing bucket, concentrated washing liquid, pegs, temporary clothes line

    Power board and electric extension lead


□    Maps 

□    Satellite telephone (rent or buy)

□    Mobile telephone

□    Hand-held CB radio/s

□    HF radio and aerial

□    First Aid Kit

□    Fire blanket

□    Fire extinguisher

□    PLB

□    Safety V-Sheet


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