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Neutralises insect bites

BiteAway is a compact, pocket-sized medical device for the external treatment of insect bites and stings.

By generating localised heat to the tiny bite or sting area of skin the device is claimed to denature insect-injected proteins and toxins, thereby stopping the pain and preventing the histamine release that causes itching.

Bite Away features patented German technology, involving a tiny integrated micro-processor that heats a very small area of skin to around. 50 degrees C. The heat cycle is activated by two buttons: one generating heat for three seconds, for children and the other generating heat for six seconds, for adults.

Two AA batteries produce the electrical power and the unit will operate for up to 300 applications on two batteries. The housing is splash-proof, but is not intended to be submerged.

The device is said to be completely safe for everyone, including children and pregnant women. It’s chemical free and leaves no residue either on the skin or in the environment. There’s a slight stinging sensation as the heat is applied through the 7mm button on the Bite Away tip, but the resulting instant relief is well worth it.

We’ve used it on mosquito, sand fly and midge, ant and March fly bites. We’re happy to report that in all cases the Bite Away provides instant relief. Sand fly and midge bites sometimes require two or more re-applications over a few hours to stop the itch completely.

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