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Take the hard work, cuts and splinters out of carrying firewood.


It’s now easy to carry wood or loose gear to your campsite with the Aussie-made Firewood Carrier from Blacksmith Camping Supplies. We’ve bought one and we’ll test it this winter.



This carrier is constructed from Dynaproofed 505gsm (grams per square metre) Australian canvas, which is breathable and waterproof. It’s larger than most on the market and is stitched using strong core-spun, poly/cotton thread for extra durability with water-resistant seams for protection. 

There are short 50mm-webbing handles with reinforced stitching for hand-carrying and longer straps to sling the Carrier it over a shoulder. You can also tie the longer straps into a knot to keep the load secure during transport in your vehicle. 

Each corner has a 10mm stainless steel eyelet, allowing rope ties to secure the Carrier to a vehicle. Opened up and pegged out when empty, it doubles as a mini-tarp, a boot mat or a windbreak.


The Blacksmith Firewood Carrier measures 1000mm x 500mm x 10mm and folds down to 500mm x 250mm x 30mm.

Our test unit cost $50 from Snowy’s and the Carrier comes with a three-year warranty.





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