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This slide-on camper maker has a trailer option that was upgraded in 2016.

This company is well known for its high-quality slide-on campers, but the latest release is a Wedgetail factory-designed and built trailer that can mount any of the Wedgetail slide-on variants.

Some people want simply to tow their Wedgetail camper behind a wagon or crew-cab ute, while others want the ability to have a slide-on for some trips and
a camper trailer for others, allowing them to stow additional freight in the back of their single-cab or extra-cab ute.

The trailer is engineered to be a go-virtually-anywhere unit, with independent, four-shock, coil-spring suspension and a choice of couplings. It also houses
an additional water tank, with a pump and front and rear taps.

There’s a choice of 1.5-metre and two-metre drawbars, as well as various drawbar-mounted storage solutions. Under tray storage boxes are standard equipment.

A mesh stone guard is standard and optional mesh front panels, for streamlining and additional stone protection, are available. Off road capability has been improved by resetting the new, larger drawbar in a higher position than before, to improve ramp-over clearance.

The trailer was redesigned in 2016 and significant new features include the ability to adjust the down load on the draw bar.

The trailer can carry 160 litres of under-tray drinking water, or that capacity can be split into 80 litres of drinking water and 80 litres of diesel. This is in addition to the 90 litres of drinking water in the Wedgetail itself.

The trailer’s variable-rate coil suspension and the brakes have been upsized accordingly and the chassis is now hot-dip galvanised.

We interviewed David with one of his new toys in 2015, before the 2016 upgrades and before he sold his business, in 2018. Check out the video:





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