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Trayon's top-shelf camper trailer has optional modules and suspensions.

Trayon is best known for its tough but lightweight slide-on campers and the company also uses its slide-on as the basis for a modular camper trailer. It features one of the best suspension designs in the market.

trayon tmo gen 3The TMO – trailer-mount-option – camper combines Trayon’s flip-over, soft-roof camper with optional storage and bathroom en suite modules.

The assemblies connect to a strongly-made trailer with trailing arm, independent wishbone suspension that comes standard with coils, but can be optioned with truck-style, rolling-lobe air bellows springs. These springs are a cut above the common ‘donut’ rubber springs.

The storage module has a curved and tapered front that reduces air drag and the en suite module has a pop-top roof with synthetic, quick-dry fabric sides. Behind these sit a standard Trayon slide-on camper.

trayon tmo gen 3 Trayon has adopted a clever spare wheel arrangement for the TMO Gen III that sees twin spares mounted across the back of the camper. After withdrawing a locking pin each spare wheel can be lowered easily to the ground on its mounting arm. Returning the spares to their stowed position is a relatively low-effort exercise.

Check out our video report on the TMO Gen III below and the slide-on camper module is reviewed in our Slide-on Camper Trailer section.





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