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Customisable class with market-leading suspension.

The T4 replaced the Topaz cross-over camper trailer in early 2019. It’s a beautifully Australian designed and built unit with a customisable interior, but this individuality comes at a price.

Our Track Trailer T4 evaluation camper came courtesy of NSW dealer Camperact, who also provided a more appropriate tow vehicle than our Project 75 Series: a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, making a 21st Century match with the state-of-the-art T4.

The T4 interiors are variable, but a constant is the forward-bed location that creates a caravan-style interior layout, with central dinette and aft kitchen. Within that broad parameter are three variants: Symphony, Concerto and Rhapsody.

Symphony is intended for flexibility, having a queen bed that can be positioned east-west or north-south; dinette couches that can sleep small kids; a pop-up or pole-mount table; an internal cooker with oven; pop-up pantry or bin opening; internal porta-loo in a pull-out drawer and an external shower.

Concerto is a family design, with the same queen bed orientation options and small-kid couch sleeping, but with two stacked bunks for mid-teenagers in
place of the cooker and pantry/bin module. It has an external slide-out kitchen and the same dinette table, internal porta-loo and external shower.

Rhapsody is for couples, with a north-south queen bed and optional side storage pods; pop-up or pole dinette table; optional wardrobe; internal shower
and toilet module and ‘no fly zone’ external tent.

Within those broad distinctions are possible custom changes, because the drawer, bench and wardrobe modules are interchangeable.

Our evaluation unit was a Symphony model, with pop-up table and pantry and an external slide-out drawer fridge.


Nuts ’n’ bolts

Like all Track Trailer products the T4 features Track’s MC2 suspension that features cross-over swing axle and trailing arm design, but it’s a heavier-rated version. The MC2 was originally developed for the Australian Army and is, in our bush-test-based opinion, the best on- and off-road suspension in the market.

The suspension mounts to a hot-dip-galvanised chassis that stores a winch-lowered spare wheel underneath and chassis sockets for bikes and other rear storage objects.

Chassis and suspension carry a five-year warranty.

Brakes are 12-inch electric and there’s a breakaway controller in the system.

Bodywork is lightweight aluminium composite sheet walls, plus FRP front and rear ‘cones’ and electrically-operated pop-top roof. Side windows are flush-mounted
automotive glass, fitted with internal roller blinds. The LHS access door is dead-locked and has a meshed opening section that’s backed up with burglar-proof
punched aluminium sheet.

Below the waistline the T4 has lift-up panels on both sides and across the rear, dust-proofing storage bins that also can house a drawer fridge and external
shower. Multiple compression locks and automotive tubular seals feature on all openings.

Water tank choices are 75l and 130L – maximum of two – and grey water, 39L or 52L – maximum one.

Weight control was exercised from the original CAD/CAM design phase, through manufacturing and has resulted in a claimed tare of 1810-1900kg and empty
ball weight of 140-170kg.

High tech electrics

Track Trailer has kitted out the T4 with state-of-the-art electrical and electronic components, based on a three-battery – lithium optional – electrical storage system with 240v and 12 V chargers and up to 480W of rooftop solar power.


Redarc’s Redvision module monitors current, voltage and fluid levels and controls the roof and awning, internal drawer remote locking and variable LED cabin lighting. It operates via a screen module or phone app.

Quick spin

Our evaluation unit towed well behind the Jeep, but needed the Grand Cherokee’s air suspension on ‘Sport’ setting to compensate for ball weight and reduce a ‘nodding’ effect. With the T4’s storage bins and tanks full we estimate the ball weight would well exceed 200kg, so a substantial tow vehicle is required.

The Track suspension had excellent ride quality and sway control on on- and off-road surfaces, giving us confidence that the trailer would follow wherever the tow vehicle could go. Side winds had minimal effect on the slippery T4.

The pop-top roof provides some headroom when lowered, so hopping into the camper for lunch en route is quite comfortable, without the need to raise the roof.

Setting up the T4 for camping can be as rapid as electrically raising the roof and extending the awning – a three-minute job – or a half-hour operation to set up the rear annexe and the optional slide-in forward awning.


We appreciated the dust-sealing attributes of the seals and multiple compression locks, but opening all the bins and the entry door was quite time-consuming.
(We’d have loved that internal drawer central locking system to work on the external lids!) The double-locked entry door was particularly tricky to operate.

The pop-top roof had inevitable fabric infill panels, but they stowed perfectly, thanks to innovative sprung battens. As the roof lowered these battens bent inwards, pulling the fabric away from the roof and bodywork join.

We also liked the pop-up table that stowed neatly under bed and sprung into position when pulled out. It centrally-locked in place when stowed.

With its roof raised the T4 was essentially the same as a single-axle caravan, providing dinette space for six in comfort.


With the haggling beginning above $100k the Track Trailer T4 is no bargain-basement crossover camper trailer. If viewed as bush-capable, luxuriously-equipped, compact caravan its pricing looks much more favourable.


Like all Track Trailer products the T4 has been rigorously tested. Below is footage of durability testing at the AARC Proving Grounds at Anglesea in Victoria.





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