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A range that includes soft-floor and forward-fold models.

This brand has been around for a few years now and seems to have a loyal following. The model range covers the whole camper trailer spectrum, from soft-floor shorty to forward-fold models.

Stoney Creek campers are manufactured in China with final assembly, including gas and electrical system fitment, completed in the company’s Ipswich, Queensland, workshop.

The company said that its use of quality components such as stainless steel hinges, 4mm-thick chassis steel, heavy-duty wiring and 12-inch electric brakes
make his campers “over-engineered” compared to the Chinese-built competition.

We haven’t yet tested a Stoney Creek camper, but it’s on the short list of jobs to do. In the meantime we checked out the whole range and found these units to be quite well designed and assembled.

The Nugget SF (soft floor) model is aimed at a travelling couple and has an aggregate trailer mass (ATM) of 1400kg and claimed tare weight of 955kg, with ball weight of 45kg. Those figures make it suitable for towing by virtually any SUV or 4WD vehicle.

Also, at only 4250mm overall length it can fit into a restricted parking space.

A rear-mounted fridge slide opens into the tent area and the LHS-side-mounted slide-out kitchen is protected when the standard awning, wall and flooring
are attached.

The bed is queen-sized and remains fully made-up when the tent is folded down.

Standard kit includes dual jerry can holders, 9kg gas bottle, two-burner LPG cook top, LED strip lighting, 12V water pump, two AGM batteries and 100-litre S/S water tank. Fridges, hot water, solar panel, battery charger and mains water are optional.

Running gear includes an off-road poly-block coupling, independent coil-spring suspension, 16-inch aluminium wheels with 265/75R16 off-road tyres and 10-inch
electric brakes.

The second soft-floor model is the larger SC-WT model that has an ATM of 2000kg and a claimed tare weight of 1250kg, with a ball weight of 120kg. Those figures put its towing vehicle into the heavy end of the SUV market and ‘real’ 4WDs. Most SUVs can’t handle more than the European legal maximum of 100kg.

It’s also a metre longer than the Nugget, at 5300mm OAL.

The additional space allows the fridge slide and kitchen to operate together at the rear of the camper and it has a larger tent and annexe area.

Standard equipment and options are similar, but the brakes are larger 12-inch; there’s 140 litres of water capacity; the bed is king-sized; the cook top has four burners and there’s an optional boat loader and outboard motor carrier.

Forward-fold campers are very popular, because they have a smaller campsite footprint and interior dinette space that can convert into a double bed. Stoney
Creek has two FF models.

At OTA we warn our site visitors about the high ball weights of all forward-fold campers. The Stoney Creek models have tare weight ball loads of 180kg and that’s before there’s a fridge, with its load and the forward tool boxes are filled. Thankfully, the Stoney Creek models have rear-mounted water tanks, so that helps counter the forward weight bias.

Nonetheless, the tow vehicle for these camper trailers needs to be capable of handling around 250kg ball weight: a 4WD crew-cab ute with not much load in its tray or a large 4WD wagon.

The SC-FF has a king-sized bed in the forward-fold section that’s operated by gas struts and a hand winch. The dinette area has a pop-up table and seating for six that converts into another bed.

Standard equipment and running gear are similar to the kit supplied with the soft-floor models, but the folding hard ‘roof’ that becomes the bed base is fitted with luggage racks.

The SC-FF6 is based on the same running gear, but there’s an additional slide-out, 1500mm-wide bed at the rear, aft of the dinette. That arrangement allows the SC-FF6 model to sleep six people, or four people with the dinette still in place.






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