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This rugged device pressurises the interior to keep dust at bay

We’ve all done it: opened the camper or caravan and discovered a fine coating of dust throughout the interior. No matter how tightly you close doors, vents and windows, some dust always seems to get inside.

We know some people who go so far as to apply masking tape to doors and windows in an effort to keep this invasive grit at bay.

The best solution is positive air pressure inside the camper or van, to prevent dust from sucking inside, but doing that with an open, forward-facing vent is just as likely to ingest dust, every time you drive through an oncoming traffic dust cloud. Other unwelcome visitors can also hop on board.

A better method is using a purpose-designed air pressuriser and the Respa CF Vortex unit comes straight from the mining and construction area, where operators in cabins work in perpetual dust clouds. Having a fresh-air, dust-free environment is essential in this environment.

Respa’s HyperFlow technology has proved its worth in these harsh working conditions and is now available for recreational vehicle applications, according
to the national distributor, LSM Technologies. The Respa PFP (Precleaner + Filtration + Pressuriser) system goes beyond the abilities of conventional cabin pressurisers and filtration units.

Respa is said to be the only Pressuriser and Filtration product that has been field tested and certified to be compliant with Occupational Exposure to Airborne Particulate and Fibre (Enclosed Cabins) legislation by an Australian OH&S Regulator: Queensland Mines Inspectorate’s Health Surveillance Unit.

LSM Technologies has been ‘seeding’ units into the marketplace for many months and is now selling Respa units to camper and caravan owners. Several caravan makers have added optional Respa units to their specifications.

Respa units can be mounted externally on any camper or caravan, ideally in the airstream and in a position that allows pressurised, cleaned air to be pumped inside the camper or van, via a short pipe, through a small interior grille.

Each Respa unit is a stand-alone assembly that delivers 50-60 litres of cleaned air at up to 150 Pascals pressure every second.

An integrated pre-cleaner ensures that up to 98 percent of ingested dust is expelled, thus preventing early filter clogging. Filter life is up to 1000 operating hours.

Power requirement for the fan is 12A/12V DC or 6A/24V DC. The unit needs to operate only while the camper or van is moving, so can be switched off at rest.

LSM has worked with its early customers to ensure that the Respa units do exactly what they’re designed to do. Because constant, positive internal pressure is needed to keep dust at bay, the instructions include recommendations for sealing pressurised air escape routes.

Obvious ‘leak’ points are vents, doors and windows, so seals need to be sound and catches adjusted properly, but that procedure is already understood by camper and van owners who drive on dusty roads.

Experienced dirt road drivers also know that any holes for through-floor fittings and wires need to be sealed with grommets or silicone sealant.

Unsuspected air-leak points that need to be sealed so the Respa unit can operate optimally include shower and sink drains, that should be plugged to prevent
air pressuring down the drain pipes and out grey-water tank breathers.

Roof-mounted aircon units may have fresh air vents that need to be shut.

LSM Technologies can supply a Respa unit, with detailed drawings for DIY fitment, for around $1200, plus delivery.

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