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This US-made suspension is simple and capable.

The Dexter Torflex suspension system is a lightweight, trailing torsion arm suspension that is contained within a square axle tube.

dexter torflexThe axle tube has a mounting plate that attaches directly to the van or trailer chassis, adding strength as a load-carrying cross member.

The design is low-profile, like a leaf-spring arrangement, but has better ride quality and the advantage of independent action: a bump or hole on one side of the vehicle doesn’t directly affect the other side.

Dexter’s unique arrangement employs a solid, square-section, heat-treated-steel inner bar that is surrounded by four rubber blocks. As Forged torsion arm movement tries to rotate the inner bar the action causes rolling compressive resistance in the rubber blocks.

The Torflex design has self-damping action and the rubber cushioning eliminates metal-to-metal contact. The result is less transfer of road shock.

The adjustable trailing arm can be set to give more or less road clearance and works equally well in single-axle and tandem applications, the company says.

Torflex comes as a two wheel-end-axle in varying track dimensions, or can be supplied as two modular single-wheel-end units.

Torflex is made in the USA in an ISO 9001 Certified factory and comes with a five-year limited warranty. It’s available in Australia from Melbourne Trailer
& Caravan Supplies and we’ve been trying to evaluate one on an OTA Team camper trailer.

Unfortunately, despite sending drawings with our order the supplied axle was delivered with incorrect brackets. It’s not possible to weld on the tube, to relocate the brackets, without risk of damaging the rubber bushings, so a stalemate has developed. We’ve paid for it, but it can’t be fitted! Discussions have gone back and forth, but there’s no resolution. At this stage we can hardly recommend that you buy a Dexter axle for your camper.










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