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Cub's C16 range has three distinct models.

After more than two years of development, Cub Campers has released C16, L16 and H16 off-road ‘caravans’.



Backed by more than 50 years of RV manufacturing experience, Cub is known for producing high-quality campers that are built to withstand the toughest Australian conditions. 

This experience has been employed to create a true off-road caravan, the company said. However, we take issue with the description of ‘caravan’, because the C16 has a sink and microwave, but no true interior kitchen, with cooktop and oven.

At Outback Travel Australia we don’t get involved in the crazy caravan scene, but this Cub is an in-betweener, we reckon. Also, Cub has been a market leader in camper trailers for many years, so any developments from this company have great interest for the 4WD fraternity.



Australian Bluescope steel was welded to form the chassis and suspension, while the body of the C16 was ‘timberless’, using high-quality Complite structural, insulated panels. Rot-proof poly reinforcement blocks ran the entire internal perimeter, for added strength. 

Complite structural insulated panels were lightweight and strong, with impact resistance, to minimise damage and maintain appearance. 



The result was a van with a tare of 2000kg, an ATM of 2700kg and an unladen ball weight of 140kg. Its trailing arm, independent  suspension was fitted with dual shock absorbers.

In contrast with Cub Campers’ traditional utilitarian design the C16 was conceived as a high-end studio apartment on wheels. It was said to be aimed at the adventurous Australian couple, who love to rough it during the day but aren’t afraid to admit that relaxation is essential once the sun goes down.



Standard were Dometic Harrier Lite air conditioner, smart TV, 4GX Wi-Fi router, ensuite shower and toilet, Fantastic hatch,110L Dometic Coolmatic fridge, external fridge slide, two 100-litre freshwater tanks and one 100-litre grey water tank, Combi D6 diesel heater, two 200Ah lithium batteries, four 180W solar panels, Redarc RedVision vehicle management system, SMEV three-burner stainless steel stove, stainless-steel sink and LED lighting.



The C16 had a launch RRP of $129,990.

Since the launch of the C16, Cub’s premium luxury hybrid caravan, the company launched the L16: a lighter, more affordable version in 2021.

In mid-2023 came what was pretty predictable: a pop-top version, called the H16. The H16’s remote-controlled, electric pop-top roof results in an average towing height of 2515mm, depending on tyre equipment and load.



The H16 came with a choice of king, bunk and twin-single layouts and a customisable options list.

The H16 had an introductory price of $79,990, with a pre-order, first come, first serve basis. Customers were able to lock in the next available production slot via a fully refundable $2000 deposit and Cub expected the first orders to be delivered before Christmas 2023.

The claimed specs for the H16 were tare weight of 1700kg and an ATM of 2500kg, with an empty ball weight of 160kg.







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