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Cub's entry into the forward-fold camper trailer market is the best in class

Forward-fold campers occupy less ground space and provide a dinette area – just like a small caravan. Cub’s model is truly off-road compatible as well.


An advantage of the forward-fold design is a smaller ‘footprint’ than a rear-fold camper trailer when opened up and that’s important in some popular camping areas where space is at a premium. Also, a forward fold has a dinette layout that can double as a bed, making this type most suitable for families.

Cub’s Forward Fold Frontier camper trailer was in the R&D phase for three years and the effort has been worthwhile. As with other forward-fold campers the Frontier has a queen bed on the underside of the folding section.

When opened the lid pulls the canvas tent and roof bows with it, revealing a dinette and table. The dinette can convert into a double bed if required.

Many forward-fold campers have very heavy ball weights as a result of a necessarily-long drawbar, but Cub engineers have located the kitchen and spare wheel aft to put more weight behind the axle. At its 1750kg aggregate mass the Forward Fold has a ball weight of 150kg, Cub claims.

Tare weight is 1220kg and the coupling is a newly released AL-KO ball-type off-road hitch that proved as easy as a normal ball coupling to use, but with full off-road articulation built in.

The new Cub Forward Fold uses the company’s own independent suspension and the brakes are AL-KO 300mm electric. Four AL-KO stabiliser legs are standard.

The drawbar is formed from 100 x 50 x 3mm galvanised Bluescope steel and mounts twin jerry can holders and twin 4kg gas bottle holders.

Standard kit includes left-hand-side fridge and pantry slide outs, with right-hand-side slide-out drawers optional. The tent is made from Wax Converters’ Australian canvas and an awning with front wall is standard. A tropical roof is optional.

A Projecta battery charging system with solar charge compatibility is fitted, along with a 100AH battery. Power outlets are 12V and 240V, inside and outside, and lighting is LED.

Water is supplied from a rear-mounted100-litre tank via 12V pump and a water gauge and lockable filler cap are standard. A hot water system is optional.

We checked out a 2017 Frontier and were immensely impressed with it: it towed beautifully and was very easy to live with.

Like Cub’s rear-fold camper trailer range the forward-fold Frontier uses a ratcheting winch for quick raising of the lid section that is controlled from dropping too fast by gas struts. This lid has the bed strapped to its underside, so that the mattress faces right way up when the lid is opened.

The dinette table and cushions pack flat for transit and can be set up quickly when the lid is opened. The table rises on a gas strut pedestal and can slide fore and aft for easier table access as well.

We opened up the Frontier and had the dinette operational in around three minutes. That process would be even quicker if the table’s gas strut pedestal release button was easier to reach: it’s under the table and requires a ‘ballet dancer’ extension of the foot to trigger it.

The canvas tent and bows extend automatically as the lid opens, so all that’s required is to tether the lower sections of the canvas to the bodywork, using elastic loops, to make sure rain can’t drip inside. An awning is provided and it can be attached as the tent emerges.

The Frontier has a large, pull-out kitchen module with stainless bench area and Smev three-burner gas stove and sink. On the opposite side of the camper is a slide-out electrical panel with battery tray that’s well designed and labelled for easy maintenance and trouble-shooting.

A 100amp-hour AGM deep-cycle battery is standard and the Frontier also has an Anderson plug for solar panel connection and a 240 input socket for mains charging. 240V and 12V battery chargers are wired in.

The spare wheel mounts to a rear nudge bar and we’d like to see the bar ends extended to protect the rear corners of the camper from accidental damage when being reversed.

The Cub Frontier makes a great alternative to a soft-floor camper, offering much easier setup and packing.


2020 upgrades

The Aussie-made Frontier received upgrades in late-2020 that Covid-19 stopped our checking it out until early 2021.

The front pantry drawer was increased in size and the standard 100A/h battery was lithium, up from AGM. Double-shock absorbers were fitted and the lounge area was clothed in ‘microfibre leather’.

Additional packs were also added: an Extreme Off-Road Pack and a Frontier Pack. Extreme off-roaders scored 265/70R17 Goodyear M/T tyres, a DO35 hitch and driver’s side utility outlets.

The Frontier Pack consisted of a second 100A/h battery and a second, 80-litre water tank. Cub wisely cautioned that the second water tank increased loaded ball weight.






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