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Cubs are Australia's most popular hard-floor campers.

Cub popularised the flip-over, hard-floor camper design and now has a host of imitators. The latest model has improved design and loads of standard equipment.

Cub has upgraded the Brumby camper trailer for 2018. Here’s Cub’s presentation video

Previous models

This previous-generation Cub test trailer was a Kamparoo Brumby Off Road, fitted with aluminium wheels, independent-coil, trailing axle suspension and override mechanical disc brakes. The chassis
was galvanised and fitted with a Trigg rubber-block off-road trailer coupling and a wind-down spare wheel (a swing-away spare carrier is optional).

Standard equipment in the Brumby included a slide-out galley with two-burner stove and sink, with a folding, 12-volt water tap. The unit also featured a roll-out pantry adjacent to the galley and a storage drawer on the right hand side of the camper. Also standard was a forward storage bin that contained a fridge slide. The test trailer came with a small 12/240V fridge, but larger units can be accommodated.

The Brumby had twin, four-kilogram gas bottles and two jerry can holders mounted on the drawbar, behind a mesh stone guard. The under-frame stainless steel
water tank had a claimed capacity of 80 litres and a lockable filler cap. Unlike many campers the Brumby’s water tank was easy to fill.

Other standard kit with the Brumby was a deluxe canvas awning, lift-up bed with under-bunk storage, two 12-volt lights, two 12-volt power outlets and three 240V sockets. A 100AH deep-cycle battery and optional 90W solar panel were also fitted.

The Brumby had a RRP of $25,990, plus $1099 for the solar panel and charge controller.

Options available but not fitted to the test trailer include a roll-up side wall, tropical roof, mains water tap, innerspring mattress in lieu of foam, roll-out right hand side pantry, swing-away spare wheel carrier and a boat loader.

The loaded Brumby, with full 80-litre water tank, tipped the weighbridge scales at only 860kg, with an additional 100kg on the trailer coupling.

A month of Cub camping

cub brumby The Cub was hauled behind a Mitsubishi Challenger and it survived a low-speed jack knife on the sodden Windorah to Bedourie Road, with only minor bending of the stone guard frame, which contacted the rear end of the Challenger.

It towed beautifully in all conditions and was easy to manoeuvre. Overall fuel consumption of the Challenger diesel with the Cub in tow was a creditable 14 litres per 100km.

The Cub Brumby was judged the easiest and quickest camper trailer to set up and pack away. Its hard-floor design meant that it could be placed on any reasonably level surface, with adjustable legs on the fold-out section able to compensate for rough ground.

The hard-floor was actually the trailer lid that sprang open with gas-strut assistance and was then controlled by paying out a winch and strap system that controlled unfolding, allowing one person to do the operation without effort.

As the lid opened it drew the canvas and the tent bows with it. Once opened fully the tent was tensioned by adjusting the bow lengths and securing with wing screws. No pegs were necessary, unless the awning was zipped in place. Folding the Brumby up was the reverse operation, with a second person tucking in the canvas as the lid was gradually winched shut. One person could do it, using the ratchet winch to hold the lid in position while the tucking was done in stages.

The Cub Kamparoo Brumby’s judged strengths were its light weight, for ease of towing and its simple, quick unpacking and packing feature.

However, attaching the awning was a small step-ladder job that took around 20 minutes. The Cub Brumby is a medium-priced hard-floor camper that is ideal for people who want a camper that’s quick and easy to set up and pack away.

It proved tough enough for our 10,000km Camper Trailer Torture Test and had no problems other than a couple of worn shocker bushes – a 10-minute fix.

The Cub Brumby has stood the test of time and, in 2018, is still one of the best value for money camper trailers in the marketplace.





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