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Quality Australian-made campers in three different specification and equipment levels.


This South Australian manufacturer produces three levels of camper trailer specifications: tent-tops for your box trailer; the Commando camper trailer and the top-shelf Conquest.


Tent Tops



The popular Cameron Easy Tent comes in Commando and Next Gen Converter specs and can be set up on an existing 6×4 or 7×4 trailer. The Tent can also be adapted to fit non-standard trailers.

The Easy Tent uses patented easy-fold technology, to make camping easier and more comfortable. It is a side-fold, combination hard-soft-floor hybrid that requires no pegs or guy ropes. 

The Easy Tent sits on a patented bed base (2240mm x 1860mm x 400mm), which bolts onto your trailer and can be removed when not required.  It’s compact enough to be hauled up on pulleys in a high-roof garage or shed.



When set up the tent is is 2.9m high at its highest point, making the tent very spacious and airy. An integrated pole system uses South Australian steel, wide-rung, broad steps that are much more home-like and user-friendly than a ladder.

There are internal shelves for storage and sleeping orientation is your choice: north-south or east-west in a queen-sized bed, or optional king-size. 

High-quality Australian-made canvas and materials are employed, to ensure trouble-free operation in inclement weather conditions. Standard ventilation can be enhanced, if required, with an optional moon roof and fly package and there is a room extension option as well.

Because there’s no need to set guy ropes and pegs, camping set-up is said to be very quick. When packing it all away, the draft skirt behind the steps rolls down to the floor and the action of pulling the tent over it allows any dirt to fall out from the floor through the draft-skirt opening, not onto the bed. 

The Next-Gen Converter Tent Top had a RRP of $6950 in mid-2022 and the  Cameron Commando Tent Top was $9600. The Next-Gen Converter Tent Top came with a 12 month warranty and the Commando Tent Top had a five-year warranty.

The Converter Tent Top is partly Australian made and the Commando is totally Australian made.



Cameron Commando 



The Commando Camper is built on a galvanised steel 7×4 (2130mm x 1220mm) box trailer chassis, with dust and water sealed tailgate. The floor and sides are folded sheets, with only one welded centre seam. Tare weight is 620kg; ball weight 70kg and GVM 1180kg – ATM, 1250kg.



Suspension is seven-leaf or nine-leaf semi-elliptic springs, with 50mm square axle, mounting 11-inch mechanical-override disc brakes – strong, simple and easily maintained and repaired. Wheels are spoked steel, mounting three 225/70R16 tyres.

RRP starts at $15,500 and optional packages include a roll-out kitchen, 60-litre water tank with hand pump; electrical pack with 100Ah AGM battery; LPG pack with 4kg bottle;  framed vinyl road cover and room extension.



Cameron Conquest



You could be forgiven for thinking that the Cameron Conquest model was an upgraded, streamlined Commando, but you’d be wrong: it’s a monocoque body-chassis assembly with marine-grade aluminium panels bonded by a combination of high-tech adhesives and rivets. Panel cutting and shaping is done by computer-controlled machinery.

The result is a fully-bodied, four-metre by two-metre camper trailer that has a claimed tare weight of only 880kg, with an unladen ball weight of only 80kg.  GVM is 1770kg and ATM, 1850kg, providing ample payload capacity.

Standard running gear is a 50mm square tube axle with seven-leaf, semi-elliptic springs, but an independent, coil-spring suspension is optional. Brakes are 12-inch, mechanical-override discs and tyres are three 265/75R16s, on aluminium wheels. A Treg off-road rubber-block coupling is standard.

An on-road package, for towing by an SUV, is available and comes with lighter-rated suspension and wheels/tyres, and 10-inch electric brakes.

Accommodation is Cameron’s Easy Tent, hard-soft floor hybrid, with several awning, extension and extra-ventilation packages available. The bed is a standard queen-size, or optional king.



Standard are a huge roll-out kitchen with near-two-metre bench top; swing-out fridge tray; 530-litre storage box;  dual-burner gas cooktop and 4kg bottle; two 59-litre poly water tanks with electric pump; 100Ah AGM battery (second optional) and mains charger; multiple power outlets and LED lights and vehicle electrical connections.

Other options include solar charging and panels, inverters and a diesel heater.

Pricing for the up-market Conquest started at $46,590, in mid-2022.

Here’s how the Easy Tent works:





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