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Blaze aluminium trailers for work and play


You may not have heard of Blaze Trailers, but you’ve almost certainly heard of Triple M aluminium ute and truck bodies that have been produced in numbers totalling over 700,000 units, for nearly 50 years. Blaze Trailers is a trailing equipment arm initiative, reflecting three generations of family involvement.


Triple M Truck Bodies was founded back in 1974 by Gene Thomson and son Peter cut his teeth there, before founding an R&D company Nano Creations. He then followed his father’s body work footsteps in founding Blaze Trailers, bringing his son, David, with him.

Peter’s and David’s collective R&D experience was brought into play in the design of the Blaze Trailer lineup.



Choosing the range of trailers to be offered, the different body and chassis structural designs, and the suspension options involved three years of effort.

The Triple M legacy lives on at Blaze trailers, the Thomsons say, in the motto: ‘Quality First at the Right Price’.



Blaze Trailer lineup



The inspiration for Blaze Trailers came from the almost 50-year history of an aluminium trailer that Gene Thomson built back in 1974. This trailer has survived intact after several trips around Australia and many years of general duties.

The Blaze concept involved an innovative trailer design that would suit normal on and off road trailer load carrying requirements, while having the adaptability to double as a camping trailer. As many ute owners have discovered, today’s utes don’t have enough payload or tray-length capacity for family camping, without the need for a trailer.

A trailer that can serve double duty as a working load carrier and a base for a canopy or slide-on camper has appeal for many tradies.



All new Blaze trailers are designed around a unique aluminium chassis design and a standard Triple M 2400mm x 1800mm ute tray with aluminium drop sides and are rated for a one-tonne payload. However custom-length and width trays can be quoted.

The chassis differs from almost every other trailer we’ve seen, incorporating a single-spar drawbar, rather than the almost universal two-spar, vee-shaped drawbar that gets welded to parallel chassis rails.  The only single-spar-drawbar trailers we’ve come across are super-lightweight, folding trailers with very limited payload capacity – certainly nothing approaching Blaze’s one-tonne payload capacity.



Apart from saving weight, the single-spar design allows 90-degree trailer jackknifing, without the risk of damage to the towing vehicle and the trailer.

The current base model is the Blaze Trades Trailer that comes with proved AL-KO rubber-bushed trailing arm suspension as standard. This suspension has been fitted to countless numbers of trailers and caravans over the years, proving itself as ideal for on-road and limited off-road use.



Options for the Trades Trailer are similar to those offered on Triple M tray bodies: headboards, higher dropsides, ladder racks, side toolboxes, side water tanks, side steps, taillight protectors, rear trundle trays and 14-inch or 15-inch steel or aluminium wheels. Price discussions start around eight grand.



The Blaze Trailer is the flagship model that comes standard with the same aluminium chassis and standard Triple M bodywork, but rides on off-road custom-designed air suspension, with up to 300mm of suspension travel.  A fixed or portable air compressor, to vary air-spring pressure, is standard.

Wheel and tyre options can match most towing vehicles’ equipment.

The standard coupling is a fully-articulating type, to suit a normal 50mm towball.



The body-chassis spacing is designed to maximise storage space under the tray and five lockable drawers and toolboxes are standard. 

In view of the very high levels of standard equipment, the pricing starts around thirty grand.



Watch this space


Imminent releases from Blaze Trailers include a boat trailer, a jet-ski trailer and the Nano unit that is ultra-lightweight at around 150kg tare, has AL-KO suspension and a internal tray dimensions of 1200mm x 1800mm. It’s designed mainly for hauling bikes, mowers and the like, and has side tool boxes and storage bins.

In the meantime, check out the Blaze Trailer undergoing off-road proving trials:






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