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A Tvan look-alike from the leading 4WD after-market accessories company.


At first sight we thought ARB’s Earth Camper was the latest iteration of Track Trailer’s Tvan, but it’s not. ARB is now in the camper trailer business.



Although the Earth Camper apes the Tvan’s successful tailgate/floor design it’s clad in fibreglass, not sheet steel and built on a tubular steel chassis, rather than RHS, with 900mm-trailing-arm axles, independently suspended by vertical coil/shock units.

As with the Tvan design, the tailgate drops and unfolds to become a floor and the roof lid lifts to allow the tent to be deployed. The Earth Camper tailgate is electrically powered.

Inside the shell section is a queen-sized bed, opening side window, power sockets, USB charging points and cooling fans. A Webasto diesel heater is optional.



A slide-out kitchen sits ahead of the bed area in the camper’s pointy end and is ARB’s own Slide Kitchen, with stainless steel bench and three-burner LPG cook top. Adjacent are a 96L Zero fridge/freezer and pantry drawer. 

The cooking area is covered by an awning and awning walls are optional.

The standard electrical system includes a 120W solar roof panel and a 100Ah lithium battery, with a second battery optional, as is an inverter. The standard charger is a Redarc Manager30, which  proved troublesome in real-world testing in our own camper. A Redvision TMS charging system is optional.

A pressure water system is standard, fed by twin 70-litre tanks and a Joolca V2 LPG hot water system is optional.

Other options include storage kits, air compressors and a storage cover.

The standard unit tips the scales at 1475kg, with a rated payload capacity of 425kg, for an ATM of 1900kg, including 180kg ball weight.

ARB Earth Campers are made in the company’s manufacturing facility in Thailand and shipped Down Under.

We’ve asked for a test vehicle to evaluate, but ARB won’t even lend us driving lights to test, so we don’t hold much hope of that happening.

The pricing starts at $74,500, said ARB.






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