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Tests conducted by RMIT confirm suspicions of poor quality canvas

Tests conducted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology on three different samples of imported camper canvas have shown that these particular products did not meet Australian Standard requirements for waterproofing.

compliant canvas cub camper The tests were carried out by the University’s School of Fashion and Textiles to Australian Standards AS 3567-1988 Water Repellency – Cone Test  using test method AS 2001.2.18-1987 and Determination of Resistance of Fabrics to Water Penetration – Hydrostatic Pressure Test using test method AS 2001.2.18-1987.

The comparison canvas fabrics were polyester/cotton canvas as used in camper trailers:  three Australian-made samples, supplied by Wax Converters, the major producer of local camper canvas and three samples of imported camper canvas. RMIT testing confirmed that the Australian samples easily passed both tests for waterproofing, but the imported canvas samples did not.

We have PDF copies of the test reports, if anyone wishes to see them. Buyers checking out local and imported camper trailers should ensure that the canvas meets the waterfroofing requirements of Australian Standard AS 3567-1988.

The photograph above is of a Cub Camper, fitted with Australian Standard-compliant canvas.





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