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This design takes the uncertainty out of trailer wheel bearing care

A trailer running gear lubrication system that’s simple to maintain and completely submersible.

ez lubeThe E-Z Lube system consists of axle spindles that have been specially drilled and assembled with grease fittings.

When grease is pumped into the fitting, it is channelled to the inner bearing, then to the outer bearing and eventually back out the grease cap hole for a complete bearing repack.

No disassembly is required: greasing is simply a matter of attaching a manual-action grease gun at the spindle end and injecting the grease. The new grease easily purges contaminated grease without removing the hub.

A push-in cap allows for easy access, extra protection and virtually no mess.

The protection and maintenance features of the E-Z Lube system make it ideal for most towable axles, including boat trailer applications and it comes
with a two-year limited product warranty.

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