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Light, compact and easy to use silicone camping kit

Space is always at a premium when it comes to loading your vehicle or camper. Pots and bowls that fit inside each other used to be as good as it got, but now there are collapsible pots, pans and ‘crockery’.

We used Sea to Summit silicone plates, bowls, cups and X-Pots on several bush trips and they now have a permanent place in our slide-on camper.

The cooking pots have aluminium bases, so that cooking flames don’t burn the folding silicone sides.

We bought them on line and they weren’t cheap: two collapsible plates, bowls and mugs cost $103; two collapsible 2.8-litre cooking pots with polycarbonate lids cost $63 each; a four-litre collapsible cooking pot with lid cost $82 and an all-metal shallow frying pan with folding silicone handles cost $45. With GST added we got little change out of $400.

Was it worth it? Resoundingly, yes.

We’d already tried some silicone camping gear: folding buckets and washing-up dishes and a folding kettle with metal base, so we knew the concept worked and was durable. With the addition of the Sea to Summit gear we’re now pretty much all-silicone and collapsible.

The cups and bowls fit inside each other and, in turn, fit inside the 2.8-litre X-Pots and the collapsed dinner plates fit inside the four-litre bowl. Our packing is much easier and washing up this kit is simple


The only precaution needed is to ensure that a gas flame can’t lick up the sides of the pots. They’re designed for gas cooking only, so we haven’t sat the pots on a hotplate over a wood fire, or risked them on a bed of coals; that’s camp oven territory,
we feel. The polycarbonate lids have steam holes that double as liquid strainers when draining off water from pasta, for instance. Each X-Pot has silicone lifting handles that double as locking tabs for the lid.





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