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Rugged, proved fridges nationally supported.


Now part of the Brown and Watson International (BWI) Australian stable, which includes reputable brands Narva, Projecta, KT Cables, KT Solar and BOAB, National Luna fridges have been manufactured in South Africa for more than 30 years.




National Luna fridges were originally designed and developed to meet the rigorous needs of the World Health Organisation for carrying vaccines, due to their low amp draw and ability to keep to very low temperatures in extremely hot, harsh environments.

Key benefits of the National Luna Legacy range are its use of premium components, advanced manufacturing processes and intensive testing. All Legacy models undergo testing in a 43° C chamber to ensure performance criteria are met. 

Also aiding durability and performance is a combination of aluminium interior, 316-grade stainless steel exterior construction and 60mm high-density insulation. 

Unlike fridges with plastic liners that use a separate refrigeration plate, National Luna’s aluminium interior, coupled with copper cooling piping, provides a more efficient cooling plate area. This helps keep temperature stable across the whole interior; cuts running time and reduces ‘pull down’ time, when new contents are added to the fridge.



Low-electrical-draw compressors were designed by National Luna specifically for its fridges. The compressor features intelligent, programmable electronic control that automatically operates in high-speed mode until the temperature set point is reached, after which it transitions to operate in an energy-efficient idle mode.

 AC/DC automatic switching lets the fridges operate from 9.6 volts to 31.5 volts DC as well as AC voltage ranging from 100 to 240 volts.

The Legacy range is available in 50-110-litre twin-bin and 40-125-litre single-bin variants. Single-bin models function as either a fridge or a freezer and twin-bin ones as: freezer/freezer; fridge/fridge; freezer/fridge or fridge/freezer.





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