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Disappears into a compact case


The Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen disappears into a compact case.

Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen The sides of the case open out to form the serving table top. The stove stand opens on one side of the table top and a slip-on cooking tool frame clicks in place to hold tongs, spoons and the like.

A light pole, with a snap hook on the top, clicks together and slides into a socket on the kitchen frame. A woven string ‘shelf’ clips under the table, to hold pans and plates. The Pack-Away Kitchen retails for around $99. It’s quick to erect, functional and easy to clean and pack

This Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen did years of bush trips with us and proved to be a great arrangement. We’ve passed the kitchen on to the kids now that we’ve moved on to a slide-on camper and they think it’s great.






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