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An insightful book that will expand your camping menu options.


The clue for the purpose of this book is in the title that aims it at compact, not necessarily camping, kitchens. It also extols the undoubted virtues of home-made, lovingly prepared meals and that’s not always possible when camping – especially remote-area camping.



That said, Ashleigh Butler has complied 150 varied recipes that don’t require big-kitchen prep space and resources. The fact that she and partner Jared – and their twin daughters – happily survived campervan life for years is proof that her recipes work, despite reliance on only a small fridge and two-burner stove.

Both Butlers are pretty handy, so the book starts with advice on how to set up a small kitchen and that advice applies to tiny houses as well as to campervans and motorhomes. Sociability, ventilation, refrigeration and drawer storage are all given priority, as is the need to manage water supply.

The recipes are based around Ash’s ‘kitchen staples’ that precede the seasonal – summer, autumn, spring and winter – recipe list. Some of the ingredients are a camping challenge, but there’s plenty of variety to provide flexibility.



Like many campers, we’ve tended to take only proved ingredients with us over many years of camping adventures and Ashleigh Butler’s book has widened out culinary options. An example is Ash’s ‘oven-less cake’.

Well done, the Butlers!

The Small Kitchen Cook is published by Exploring Eden media – exploringedenbooks.com. 





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