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This double-extension kitchen drawer is a great design.

‘Packing everything but the kitchen sink’ was once regarded as poking fun at those who overpack, but with ARB’s latest release, it’s part of the normal camping package.



The ARB Slide Kitchen is an integrated kitchen that slides out of a drawer housing and sets up in 15 seconds. It features a bench top, gas stove, utensils drawer and, of course, a kitchen sink.

The folded Slide Kitchen tucks away into one of ARB’s standard dual-cab drawers, so it doesn’t need additional tray length. For non-ute, custom installations the module has external measurements of 1355mm (L) x 505mm (W) x 310mm (H), so it can be mounted longitudinally or transversely.

It’s a double extension, freestanding drawer with an auto lock that prevents the drawer from unintentionally closing. When extended it has a 1250mm kitchen grade stainless steel bench top and a 30kg weight limit, so it can tolerate items being put on top, as well as allowing heavy pots on the stove.

The three-burner Thetford stove has two 1.75kW burners and one 2.5kW rapid burner, plus a tempered glass lid that works as a splashback while the stove is in use. ‘Flame-out’ technology ensures that the gas supply is automatically shut off if the flame blows out, or the lid closes.

A 12-litre collapsible silicone sink doubles as a dish-drying rack and includes a utensils holder.

Once collapsed, the sink can be stored in the utensils drawer or can be packed elsewhere. 

For those whose 4WDs double as work vehicles and who don’t want to lose drawer space to the kitchen Monday to Friday, there is an optional replacement drawer that can replace it when required.

The Slide Kitchen can be integrated with current ARB Outback Solutions drawers or can be purchased as part of a new drawer set-up.

The ARB Slide Kitchen has a RRP of $2795 (Australian East Coast metro).






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