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This quality kitchenware brand targets campers.


OXO is a US-based award-winning consumer brand; best known for its household cooking ware and tools. The new OXO Outdoor range is aimed at campers.

Available exclusively on the OXO Australia website and through Amazon, the OXO Outdoor range of iconic cooking and cleaning products is said to be designed for a better experience than the traditional retired-home-kitchen hand-me-downs that many campers use.

To launch the new OXO Outdoor series in Australia, OXO partnered with Australian outdoor cooking specialist Harry Fisher from Fire to Fork, to bring awareness and create localised content for the region:

 “Having used OXO’s range of kitchen products for most of my life, I’m thrilled to see their exceptional quality and thoughtful design carried over to their rugged Outdoor series,” said Harry Fisher.

The range includes a Four-piece Camp Stove Cooking Set; Griddle Turner; Santoku Knife; Compact Can Opener; Leakproof Condiment Bottles; Cutting Board and Tray; Scraper and Squeegee; Grill Pan Brush; French Coffee Press 2.0; Manual Coffee Grinder and three Carbon Steel Pans.





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