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Tents, Swags, Camper trailers, Slide-ons, Roof Top Tents and Camping Gear

If your camping arrangement doesn’t work you won’t have a happy 4WD experience, so we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of different camping possibilities. Some people are happy towing a camper trailer; others prefer a campervan or a slide-on camper and many reckon a tent or swag is the go. Then there’s the question of camping gear; awnings, refrigeration, power, lighting and more – it’s all covered in our Camping pages. 

Check out our camper trailer, slide-on camper off-road caravan owners reviews. Contact us if you’d like to add your review; please note that you must own or have owned the camper or caravan that you review. 



Off Track Wines

Off Track Wines is a new wine brand and the first in Australia to be created specifically with outdoor adventurers in mind. We checked out the new range and found it very much to our taste.

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Book Review – The Small Kitchen Cook

The clue for the purpose of this book is in the title that aims it at compact, not necessarily camping, kitchens. It also extols the undoubted virtues of home-made, lovingly prepared meals and that’s not always possible when camping – especially remote-area camping.

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Ute payloads aren’t what they seem

Every ute maker claims at least a nominal one-tonne payload figure and more than three tonnes trailer towing capacity for several 4WD utes in its range, but you need to check spec sheets and real-world tare weights for the true position.

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Hybrid 4WDs are the future in Australia

Every vehicle maker is now committed to electrification in some form on all new models. For Australian-market 4WDs it’s a certainty that we’ll see ‘real’ 4WDs – vehicles with true off-road capability – in increasing numbers in the next few years.

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Swiss Army knives with differences

Everyone is familiar with the long-serving red and silver Swiss Army Knife, and in recent years the Victorinox company has developed new derivatives, fitted with specially-coated blades and tools, wood-finish models, marine ‘camo’ designs and different finishes.

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Marine-design camping mattress

This Austrian-developed, Australian-manufactured mattress is designed to offer the durable ‘springiness’ of an innerspring mattress, without the complexity of metal framework and springs.

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Cameron Campers Compact

Cameron Campers Compact slide-on uses the company’s camper-trailer-style Easy Tent with patented easy-fold technology, to make camping easier and more comfortable. It is a side-fold, combination hard-soft-floor hybrid that requires no pegs or guy ropes. 

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Ambush Camper

The Ambush Camper is a unique, power-erecting, rear-fold camper trailer that’s designed to carry motorcycles or a quad bike, while providing tent accommodation for singles, couples or families.

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Buy BOAB camping gear on-line

Leading Australian adventure gear brand, BOAB, launched a new website in late-2023, offering customers an expanded product range, easy navigation, informative blog articles and the ability to purchase directly on-line.

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