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Toyota's beautifully finished people mover is made extremely bush-capable.

The Bus 4×4 AWD conversion kit for the Toyota 300 Series Granvia features full time 4WD, high and low range gearing, and high ground clearance, putting this premium people mover into the large 4WD wagon category. 



Developed in Brisbane by the Bus 4×4 R&D Division, the Granvia conversion comes standard with a 180mm suspension lift, via modified front and rear springs and dampers. 

The Toyota Granvia is a people mover, based on the post-2019 HiAce van body and chassis, but with five-link coil-spring rear suspension replacing the HiAce’s leaf springs. 

The Granvia is powered by Toyota’s 2.8-litre diesel four, with six-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, the 3.5-litre V6 petrol/electric hybrid driveline from the Lexus RX450h is not offered as an alternative.

The Granvia is available in Standard and VX models with a choice of six- or eight-seat interior layouts, but the Bus4x4 conversion applies to only the six-seat version.

The Granvia VX has true luxury-vehicle appointments, including optional second-row reclining armchairs with leg rests, leather seats, powered sliding side doors, keyless entry, front collision avoidance, Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), adaptive cruise control, lane-change warning  and climate-control air conditioning.

The Bus 4×4 conversion also includes centre and rear diff locks and wheel arch bullet mouldings. There are optional front protection rails, rock sliders and standard or upgraded wheels and tyres.

The Bus 4×4 conversion comes with a GVM upgrade to a very useful 3.8 tonnes and preserves the Granvia’s 1.5-tonne towing capacity rating.

A Bus4x4-converted Standard Granvia was priced from a RRP of $107,735 in mid-2021 and the basic VX package added around 12 grand to that figure.

That seems a lot of money, but the finished vehicle is extremely bush capable, while being able to accommodate up to six adults in a lot more comfort than in a 200 Series wagon, while towing a lightweight trailer. We think tour operators will love it.

We’ve driven the Bus4x4 HiAce and Granvia conversions and apart from a slight diesel engine vibration issue they’re brilliant on- and off-road performers.

Banner – Isuzu Truck