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Chinese-built to Australian specifications with a global-brand powertrain.

The Brahman Traveller all-wheel-drive bus has been accepted in the Australian and New Guinea markets since early 2013 and 30+ examples are now in service.

brahman traveller

Brahman Motor Distributors is based on the Queensland Gold Coast and buses are built to its specifications by the giant Dongfeng Motor Corporation in China.

Founder and executive chairman of Brahman Motor Distributors, Hans Hobelt, said that there’s a growing demand for a well-engineered, durable and capable all wheel drive bus, for a variety of applications across Australia.

“The Brahman Traveller has really aroused interest with mining, construction, tourism and remote access transport operators because it offers a transport solution designed to handle Australia’s tough environment and conditions,” Hans Hobelt said.

“We already have Brahman Traveller AWDs operating in gold mines in the PNG Highlands, on construction sites in the Pilbara and with tour operators in the Territory, in the Gold Coast hinterland and tropical North Queensland.”

The Brahman Traveller AWD is built on a military-grade steel chassis and is powered by a Cummins ISF 3.8-litre turbo diesel engine,  mated to an Allison T220 six-speed automatic transmission, driving through a ZF transfer case to all four wheels.

Lightweight marine-grade, 3mm aluminium body panels and a fibreglass roof attach to an aluminium frame.

“The Brahman Traveller is not a bus that has been designed and engineered in China for a global market, but has been engineered in Australia for our conditions and is manufactured cost effectively in China,” said Hans Hobelt.

Brahman has established a parts warehouse, backed up the resources of Cummins, Allison and ZF.

The Brahman Traveller is said to meet or exceed the requirements of Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and the company is currently exploring the option of offering the supply of the vehicle in CKD kits for local assembly.

Economies of scale

The Brahman Traveller all wheel drive bus has enabled Far North Queensland adventure company Raging Thunder to expand its rafting expedition operations, thanks to the flexibility and extra capacity it has delivered.

Raging Thunder runs white water rafting expeditions in the Tully and Barron Rivers outside Cairns and purchased the Braham Traveller 28-seater because of the versatility and added seating capacity it offered for transporting customers and equipment.

According to Raging Thunder’s operations manager, Chrisso Fulton, the Brahman’s functionality in offering more seats in an all wheel drive configuration has had a direct impact on the business.

“The Brahman’s 28 seats mean we can now run an extra boat on expeditions,” said Chrisso Fulton. “Each raft takes seven people so the 28-seater Braham means we can now carry four boat loads instead of three, which was the limit with a 20-seater competitor model.”

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