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This company makes Japanese 4x4 light trucks bush and site compatible.


This well known truck modifier converts Fuso, Isuzu and Hino single-cab and crew-cab 4×4 trucks into bush-suitable vehicles with single tyres front and rear, and a wide choice of other options.



Anyone who’s driven off-road and on-site in a Japanese 4×4 light truck knows the peril of taking dual rear tyres into areas dotted with rocks and other debris. Foreign objects trapped between two rear tyres can destroy both tyres, by rupturing the sidewalls. 

Yet another problem occurs if that trapped object isn’t noticed and the truck is driven at highway speeds: the obstacle will eventually fly out from between the tyres and could damage following vehicles.



European 4×4 truck makers know this and that’s why Mercedes-Benz, MAN and Iveco 4×4 truck rear axles are available with single tyres. Despite Outback Travel Australia’s repeated representations to Japanese 4×4 truck makers they have flatly refused to make single rear tyres available.

The solution is an AAV4x4-modified truck, fitted with 9×17 wheels front and rear. The wheel offsets are calculated so the wheels are fitted positive offset to the font and negative offset to the rear. That design preserves the same wheel track front and rear, and means that only one spare wheel need be carried.



Necessary parts of the wheel package are wheel arch flares and extended front mudflaps. Also fitted is a winch-compatible aluminium bull bar.

The Fuso Canter and Isuzu NPS300 don’t have electronic traction aids, so tractive ability can be enhanced by fitment of an optional E-Locker differential lock in the front axle of the Canter and NPS, to complement the standard limited slip rear differential. The Hino 817 truck has electronic traction control on all four wheels.

Speedometer re-calibration is part of the AAV4x4 fitment service.



Other AAV4x4 options for these trucks include Stratos suspension seats; front and rear winches; tyre pressure monitoring; a choice of parabolic or multi-leaf springs; replacement shock absorbers; scrub bars; roof racks; sprung sub-frames for rigid bodywork; additional 100-litre fuel tanks; 100-litre water tanks; front axle and radiator guards; and additional fuel filtration.


Banner – Isuzu Truck












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