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This innovation suits battery and hybrid 4WD powertrains.

Magna International Inc already supplies major vehicle makers – including Mercedes-Benz – with powertrain components and has developed electrification capabilities to help automakers achieve a zero-emission future. The latest initiative is  Magna’s new eBeam technology.



As its name implies, eBeam is an electrically-powered, drop-in replacement for the conventional live axle fitted to nearly every ute and 4WD wagon. Naturally, there’s no need for a prop shaft.

It’s designed to integrate with a full battery electric or hybrid powertrain system and can be fitted to high-payload vehicles, such as RAM, Ford and GM 2500-series and 3500-series US-market pickups.

Designed specifically to transition pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles to hybrid or full battery electric powertrain systems, eBeam integrates with existing truck architectures, without requiring unique suspension, chassis or brake systems.

This approach presents an economical solution that helps bring new electrified trucks to market more quickly, while also preserving towing and payload capabilities.

“It is a bold endeavor to electrify pickup trucks, whose owners demand the towing and hauling capabilities they are currently used to and we’ve accomplished it with our eBeam technology,” said Tom Rucker, President, Magna Powertrain.

“We know axles are core elements of a truck’s strength, and we are excited to have developed the first significant improvement to the solid beam axle in over 100 years.”



With power ranges between 120kW and 250kW, Magna’s eBeam lets automakers choose from three variants within Magna’s eBeam family: single motor, single speed; single motor, two speeds or twin motor, single speed including torque vectoring.

Magna also offers several complete powertrain solutions incorporating hybrid or full-electric drive systems at the front of the vehicle, including advanced software and controls for seamless integration.

No major maker has yet declared availability, but that’s most likely to happen in the next few months.

The Magna release comes shortly after the Huber/AL-KO rear axle initiative for motorhomes.

Check out the Magna video:

Banner – Isuzu Truck

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