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A go-almost-anywhere mini-home on the Iveco Daily chassis.

The ScrubMaster Expedition mounts a lightweight camper module on the Iveco Daily, preserving the cab height and width, for maximum off-road ability on tight tracks.

scrubmaster expeditionThe ScrubMaster Expedition concept is by Kym Bolton, one of Australia’s most experienced overland travellers and off-road competition experts. Kym was
the founder of the original Earthcruiser business, so the ScrubMaster Expedition incorporates reliable ideas and proved technology and construction techniques.

ScrubMaster’s Overland Expedition is small enough to be driven on a car licence and to tackle the tight tracks of Cape York.

It will also fit into a standard ISO high-cube container, so it can ship anywhere in the world. The camper module is a compact 3520 x 2150mm and made from one-piece, moulded seamless 25mm-foam-core composite fibreglass.

The body bolts to a ScrubMaster sub-frame with independent kinetic suspension that eliminates undue stress from the vehicle and camper and allows full off-road axle articulation.

Into this pop-top Tardis fits: a double bed; 1400mm of bench length and a120-litre fridge/freezer; shower and toilet; diesel air and water heater; seating and a table for two; significant storage; solar battery system and LED lights and an advanced touch screen electrical system.

Four windows are set into the module walls and the raised pop-top roof exposes eight more fly-screened openings.

Tankage is 185 litres of fresh water and a 50-litre grey water tank.

scrubmaster expeditionThe ScrubMaster Expedition is based on the Iveco Daily 4×4 55S17W (single cab), but incorporates the following modifications: suspended and heated passenger and driver’s seats; 180-amp alternator; engine sump guard and a colour coice of Desert Sand or Iveco White.

In addition, a number of modifications are made by Iveco Australia under TravelTrucks’ instructions: computer changes to cater for a variety of trailer lights and HID headlight options; some electrical lines and hoses in the engine bay are doubly-secured for rough-road conditions and adjustments are made to brake system bias to suit the vehicle’s mass.

The focus is on keeping weight to a minimum and the loaded ScrubMaster Expedition tips the scales at 3765kg, including 90 litres of fuel, 185 litres of water; spare wheel and driver. Adding a winch, bullbar and an additional 160 litres of  diesel tankage sees the gross weight under 4000kg, Scrubmaster claims. That leaves nearly a half-tonne for other options, tools, food and personal effects, before the vehicle’s 4495kg rated gross mass is reached.

scrubmaster expeditionScrubMaster Expedition options include: cabin walk-through access; security/flyscreen door; ceramic diesel cooktop or white-spirit burner; upgrade from 300 watts of solar power to 400 watts; upgrade from two 120 AH to three 120A-hr AGM batteries; water purifier and a 3.5x2m awning.

All ScrubMaster-supplied Iveco vehicles are covered by the factory warranty for 36 months or 200,000km, including Australia-wide roadside assistance.

All TravelTruck/ScrubMaster equipment is supported by TravelTrucks’ 12-month warranty.

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