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Why no OTA 4WD of the Year

We’ve been asked why we don’t nominate a vehicle or a number of vehicles for some type of 4WD of the Year Award. The same suggestion has been put with regard to a camper trailer award.

The reason we don’t is simple: testing a new 4WD or camper won’t tell you anything about its reliability or longevity. Unfortunately, only time can allow judgement of those criteria.

I’ve been on many 4WD of the Year evaluation panels over the years, for different publications and there’s always been the lingering doubt after the votes are cast: will this choice prove to be a good vehicle as the years of use roll by?

Unfortunately, over the years, other judges and I have voted for vehicles that proved to be less wonderful in the long term! That’s why we don’t have vehicle or camper of the year awards at Outback Travel Australia.

The only guidance we can offer 4WD and camper buyers is to analyse our test results and see if they align with their needs. The next factor to consider is the reputation and after-sales support of the maker.