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Buy Australian wherever possible

In 2017, for the first time in its automotive history, Australia will not be able to produce a motor car.

Yes, we know that several truck makers claim ‘Australian manufacture’ but all the major mechanical components for these vehicles are imported.

However, Australia still makes many automotive parts and it’s vital if we want keep any component manufacturing ability alive in this country we have to buy these items whenever possible.

In the case of 4WDs there are many opportunities to ‘buy Australian’ when shopping for accessories: ute trays, bars, snorkels, racks and wheels are obvious items. Also, there are Australian-made service items  – filters, springs, shock absorbers, brake pads and rotors – that meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers’ standards.

Can we suggest you get into the habit of checking the origin of parts and components and buying local where ever possible, to help keep our Australian industries alive.

Individuals acting in unison can make a difference, as buyers of SPC Ardmona canned fruit proved, driving sales up 50-percent overnight.

Other countries are home-conscious when it comes to buying products. Check out the YouTube video called Million American Jobs Project and substitute ‘Australia’ where ever you hear ‘America’.