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Win a grand through Battery World


If you buy a replacement starting battery from Battery World you automatically go in the draw to win $1000. Every Battery World store around Australia is participating, so the total giveaway is $109,000.



Vehicle engine-starting batteries often throw in the towel in winter, thanks to colder temps, engines being harder to turn over and shorter days and bad weather causing us to operate lights, wipers and demisters almost non-stop.

The charging system can struggle to keep an aged volt-box topped up.

So, in the these constrained financial times, here are some suggestions for what you can do if you won one of Battery World’s grand prizes:

Fill up your 4WD several times?

Purchase six weeks’ worth of groceries?

Pay off 50- to 80-percent of your annual electricity bill?

Pay off your annual gas bill?

Pay off 90-percent of your annual water bill?

Pay out your annual internet bill in one hit?

Buy 20-25 cases of beer?

Pay for six months’ use of nappies?

Or, buy a year’s worth of baby food?


It’s your call and good luck!


































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