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“Where The Bloody Hell Am I?”


The slightly modified Iconic 2006 travel slogan has been brought back by comms specialist GME as more Aussies go ‘bush’ and country icons, including Lee Kernaghan, urge Aussies to prioritise safety when exploring the great outdoors. 

As more Aussies plan to visit regional and remote Australia in the near future, homegrown outdoor safety and communication brand, GME, has repurposed the iconic: “Where The Bloody Hell Are You?” travel slogan as a: “Where The Bloody Hell Am I?” safety message. 

GME is Australia’s leading manufacturer of emergency distress beacons and UHF radios that can be used to locate lost adventurers in emergency situations. 

The campaign is cleverly thought out and accompanied by a poster that lists 16 beautiful locations around Australia where GME equipment enabled rescuers to find stranded people. The locations are shown on a poster map of the entire country, with details of the occurrence and on the opposite side of the poster are descriptions and photographs of the areas.

With Australia’s Search and Rescue System finding an average of 2000 lost adventurers per year, the “Where The Bloody Hell Am I?” campaign encourages those exploring the great outdoors and camping, bushwalking or fishing, to be prepared and in touch.

GME’s research that polled 1002 Australians revealed the majority would not choose the correct safety and communication equipment when going bush. Carrying a mobile phone and taking some food and water supplies was the most common response, but almost all those people polled did not realise that only 14-percent of Australia’s landmass is covered by mobile-phone reception. 

Carrying a CB radio, personal locator beacon (PLB) or emergency position indicator radio beacon (EPIRB) that can notify emergency services response, in or out of mobile phone areas, was low on everyone’s list. 

Former Australian of The Year, Lee Kernaghan and ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here’ star Ryan Gallagher have shown their support for the campaign in hope that Aussies will equip themselves with the right GME safety equipment before heading off on their next 4WD, camping or fishing trip. 

Country music legend, rural advocate and former Australian of The Year, Lee Kernaghan, said: 

“We want more people to explore the bush and show their support of regional and remote communities. 

“What we don’t want is them getting lost, or their travel moment turning into a ‘Where The Bloody Hell Am I?’ situation.”

At Outback Travel Australia we couldn’t agree more and we’ve listed our safety suggestions.



































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