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Ranger Nick launches fun Curry for Covid campaign on Father’s Day

With all the stress around Covid this year, a famous Aussie bush cook is launching a fun Curry for Covid campaign to help boost family immune systems on Father’s Day on September 6th.

Known as the ‘guru’ of camp oven cooking, Ranger Nick will host a special cook up and humorous bush performance, to educate and entertain families about the importance of healthy eating and laughter during Covid, at his property in Casino, NSW, at 11am AEST.
The performance will be live-streamed globally to social media and include special giveaways of 50 curry kits to also celebrate the ‘edutainer’s’ 50 years on the planet.
“Curries clean the bugs out of you, boost your immune system and keep the sniffles away,” Ranger Nick said.
“A family that plays together stays together.
“I want to encourage fathers to join in the fun of cooking up a storm in the fresh air and share some laughs with their families. Put some spice in your life.
“Curry for Covid – Get it Indaya this Father’s Day!”
Ranger Nick will cook up one of his favourite curries, rogan josh and have some fun around the campfire, as well as share some hilarious original bush yarns.
As the master of keeping it simple, Ranger Nick has been demonstrating camp oven and bush cooking skills professionally since 2010, travelling the country and abroad.
Coming from a large family in Miles, south-west Queensland, he can whip up a cracker of a meal with whatever is in the tucker-box.
An environmental education support officer for 10 years and an Outback Queensland ranger guide for three years, Ranger Nick puts his bush skills to use wherever his travels take him.
He also passes on his knowledge to school groups and fellow adventurers, teaching them the art of bush skills, camp oven cooking and outdoor etiquette.
Recently involved in successfully claiming the World Record title for the Longest Damper – 153.002 metres – Ranger Nick is a regular guest on Step Outside with Paul Burt on Channel 7 Mate; does weekly radio segments on West Bremer Radio and monthly podcast interviews.
He is the author of three books: You Should be Walking with Me when I’m Walking By Myself, which came out in 2013, Soul Food for the Non-Carnivorous Biped, which came out in 2016, and The World of Dampers – 101 Damper Recipes, which was published in 2019.
He has released a DVD, called Ranger Nick Bush Cook – Getting Started, and has developed a comprehensive outdoor training program called The Outdoor Enthusiast Member Training Program and frequently gets invited to judge at large camp oven cooking competitions Australia-wide.
“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” reckons Ranger Nick.
“I’m always happy to get a good meal on the table.
“It’s rewarding when you give someone a taste of a meal and they give you a stupid look on and say: ‘That’s soooo good!’.”
For the chance to win a curry kit, you can view the live-stream on the Ranger Nick Bush Cook page on Facebook on September 6 at 11am AEST.
For more details, visit www.rangernick.com.au or www.currykits.com.au


































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