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Range extension for electric 4WDs


We all know that the range of the best electric vehicles (EVs) is around 500km and that’s a for a solo machine not towing anything. Optima and Rivian have come up with a range extending solution for EV 4WDs that tow.




At the November, 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in the USA a Rivian EV 4WD wagon and a Rivian EV 4WD ute were coupled to a pair of Optima Power Station trailers.

Each Optima Power Station was built into a Turtleback off-road camping trailer and consisted of a Level 2-speed EV charger and energy storage in the form of 110kW lithium-ion batteries from Volta Power Systems. The display trailers had 12-volt, 110-volt and 220-volt outlets, plus air compressors.

Optima claims that the Power Station trailer can recharge the Rivian battery from close to zero up to 80percent charge level, almost doubling its range.

One trailer was kitted out with roof-top tent, 180-litre water tank, electric stove, stereo and camp lighting and the other had storage space for two motorcycles. 

Charging each Optima Power Station is done via awning-style Merlin solar panels, or it can be plugged in for a mains recharge,  in the same way the Rivian EV can.


































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